Monday, June 25, 2007

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Window to Yahoo!

The dominance and presence of Google has been a great threat to modern day giants like Microsoft and Yahoo. The product portfolio of Google has been very impressive and it is amazing with the rate Google has been able to bring innovative products and services to the market. Google has lead the way in transforming Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Due to this, the competition has gone up immensely in the IT industry. Of late, the heat of competition and delivering the best to the customers has been felt by Yahoo as well.

In the past few years, Yahoo has been criticized for not being able to bring innovative product in the market and increase the market share. The BBC says that Yahoo currently accounts for about 26% of all online searches in the US, well behind Google which has a market share above 49%. Consequently, on 18-June-2007, Terry Semel was replaced by Jerry Yang (co-founder) as the new CEO of Yahoo. Mr. Terry was in the post of CEO since 2001 and during his tenure, Terry witnessed the fall in the market price of the share as well as fall in the market share.

Following chart provides a look into how Yahoo performed during the tenure of Terry as CEO.

Figure 1: Yahoo’s performance in the past 7 years

It is pretty clear that until, 2005 Yahoo was doing (post dot- com bubble burst) but after that it slumped. Due to this the shareholders as well as the employees of Yahoo have been reportedly dissatisfied with the performance of Terry. A clear picture will emerge from the comparison of stock price of Yahoo with that of Google and Microsoft. The Figure 2 shows the performance comparison (of past year) of the aforementioned stock taking a 200 Day Moving Average.

Figure 2: Performance Comparison

So the million dollar question at this moment for Yahoo is “Will Jerry be able to take the Yahoo out of this slump?” This is quite a difficult question to answer (that is why it is a million dollar question). Now will this downhill drive open a window for Microsoft to pounce and acquire Yahoo? This expectation has been in the air for quite a while now and as the saying goes “Expect the Unexpected”, don’t be surprised if Yahoo is acquired by Microsoft. The acquisition will create a good synergy for both of them and above all, a strong and unified force will be established to face the mighty Google.

Time's Come

Something’s gonna get out of this Place

You know it’s gonna be my Flesh

Something’s gonna get out from this Race

You know it’s gonna be my Face

I swear I will get over me in coming Days

It’s time I come over my own Craze

But the road to utopia is the Mesh of Maze

I can’t stop; I have to move there through the Haze

I am running but I fear I may run out of my Age

“Come back to reality” that’s what my shadow Says

I sat in oblivion only to know I was wanted in this Mess

Buckle up dude; you need to run with me @ fast Pace

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I hated when I found ma frens chatting with gals online

Now today ma own list has gal frens more than ninety nine

It all started with this gal from Honkong

She was Rose and her hair was pretty long

She wasn't the beautiful gal I’ve seen around

Since she was ma first online fren I was hell-bound

What a luck? I said and entered the Nepal chat room next day

“ASL PLS” I got...19 m KTM I sent....chatted for a while and found that buddy was a gay

I didn't know what to do....saw ignore tab and I blocked him right there

Holy cow!!!!!! Something was terribly wrong ...GOD it's not fair

Then came a lady named Amy from California....... was it??

She sent me her photo.....god...she was beautiful.....and that was it

She was offline after that day and never sent a message

To be real open with ya...she wasn’t better than chicken sausage

Once I even tried chatting in MSN chat....

All I found was 12-17 aged gals ...nothing better than that

So I switched back to Nepal room in Yahoo!

Rejuvenated myself and I found it real "KEWL"

“ASL PLS”s were pouring once agn Yahoo!

Then I thought that’s how we Asian guys do...

The best chat I ever had with this lady from Pokhara

She was more like me and her name was Tara

She was into music just like me and once sang on the mike

I was happy to find someone with feelings alike

One day I asked her “hey Tara do u have a boyfren (:":)???"

Her reply was" Noooooooooooooooooooooo" was damn long

I was about to cry "YES"...but came "I have a hubby (:-:)" followed by a BUZZ........BONG

I couldn't take that and said “C u l8r"

And this time the pain was greater and deeper

Well ain't there anyone like me trying to find someone like me

I asked myself 1000 times and 1000 times the answer was the same "there has to BE"

U won't believe this man nite I was busy teaching a woman Nepali

Her hubby was from Nepal and to impress him she was in the room learning Nepali

Man story goes on and till date I have found no one

Still I am tryin and hope someday will find that “one"

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